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Student Corner

Internet of Things and Embedded Systems (TE Comp 2019 Pattern)

Course Orientation:- View

Teacher's Competency of the Course:- View

Unit-wise PPTs:-

Unit No. Unit Name PPT
1 Introduction to Embedded Systems View
2 Internet of Things: Concepts View
3 IoT: Design Methodology View
4 IoT Protocols View
5 Cloud Platforms for IoT View
6 Security in IoT View

Slow/Fast List - View

Principles of Programming Languages (SE Comp 2019 Pattern)

Orientation:- View

Unit-wise PPTs:-

Unit No. Unit Name PPT
1 Fundamentals of Programming View
2 Structuring the Data, Computations and Program View
3 Java as Object Oriented Programming Language - Overview View
4 Inheritance, Packages and Exception Handling using Java View
5 Multithreading in Java View
6 Logical and Functional Programming View

Slow/Fast List - View

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